Airhelp Conditional Fee Agreement

Has anyone heard of AirHelp? I had a problem with an airline and its website says they can help with compensation. I`m just a little worried. Sounds like a great service. 1.1 «Agreement»: an agreement between a customer and AirHelp after the customer accepts these conditions. For Justice as a Service, the agreement is deemed to be reached if the client has signed the transfer form or authority document in addition to the acceptance of these conditions. If you have a contract with AirHelp through a travel agency or other enterprise contract, the fare structure, payment options, currency and other conversions may vary depending on the specific level of services provided and the individual terms agreed upon. However, under no circumstances will the sum of the service fee and the recourse fee collected for you exceed the amount of the service and deed tax, as described above. I imagine airhelp cannot act on your behalf if they are not allowed to do so, hence the proxy application. I don`t know anything about the company, but if you resign now, there is a possibility (if in their t and c) that you would now be liable for a tax.

Expedia refuses to say why it doesn`t draw customers` attention to the airlines` free compensation procedures in their emails. «Expedia has been assisted by an external company to provide customers with a service that provides a quick and simple claim process for an airline,» he says. «Under no circumstances are customers required to use this service and they can contact the airline directly at any time to enforce their rights. If one piece is cut, worked, blurred, the document is rejected and our flight interruption experts will ask for another. The fee for legal actions is 15% of the theft allowance received, including applicable VAT. ClaimFlights has already used another evaluation service and recently joined Trustpilot, trustpilot having become a leading valuation platform. 5.6 No interest can be claimed for the period between incoming and outgoing payments. AirHelp reserves the right to maintain all interest recovered by the airline. . If your right includes a passenger under the age of 18, all documents must be signed by a parent or legal guardian on their behalf. (i) a subscription by reservation or (ii) an annual subscription: in a contract signed with AirHelp, Expedia receives a commission for each customer to which it refers if the claim for damages is successful.

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