Arbitration Clause Agreement Sample

«Any dispute, controversy or claim arising from or in connection with this contract, including the formation, interpretation, infringement or termination of this contract, including whether the claims raised are adjudicative, is referred to arbitration proceedings in accordance with the JAMS International Arbitration Rules and is definitively decided by arbitration. The court will be composed of [three arbitrators/one arbitrator]. The place of arbitration will be [Atlanta, Fulton County, State of Georgia, U.S.]. The language to be used in arbitration is [language]. The verdict on the arbitrator`s sentence can be recorded in any judicial court. An ad hoc arbitration procedure is a procedure that is not managed by an institution (ci.B ICDR, ICC or JAMS). The parties must therefore make their own arrangements with respect to the selection of arbitrators, arbitration, administrative assistance and other aspects of the arbitration process. Parties that proceed ad hoc will often include in their agreement the Arbitration Regulations of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (CNUDCI). Below are two example clauses, one that is contained in the UNCIT arbitration regulation and does not. Parties are not encouraged to make an ad hoc arbitration decision without the advice of an experienced advisor. 4.

As soon as possible according to its Constitution, the court convenes a meeting with the parties or their representatives (in person or by telephone) to determine the procedure to be followed in the arbitration procedure. 2. The party applying for arbitration (hereafter referred to as the «applicant party») sends the other party (hereafter referred to as «the respondent») a copy of the arbitration, which contains: iv) the Tribunal`s sentence is final and engages the parties. In agreeing to arbitration, the parties agree to immediately and promptly execute any distinction; and the parties also irrevocably waive their right to appeal, reconsideration or recourse to a State Court or other judicial authority, to the extent that such a waiver can be effective. By offering the language of the contract contained in this guide, JAMS offers no legal assistance.

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