I Agree To The Terms Of The Steam Subscriber Agreement

Earlier this month, Valve updated Steam`s subscription agreement in a language that prevents customers in dispute from suing the company and requires them to accept the decisions of an «independent» arbitrator paid by Valve. Most users` problems can be solved using our Steam support website under support.steampowered.com/. If we are unable to resolve your concerns and there is a dispute between you and Valve, this section explains how we agree. YOU AND VALVE AGREE DO NOT HAVE TO BRING EITHER IN A CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION, PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ACTION OR COLLECTIVE ARBITRATION, EVEN IF AAA`S PROCEDURES OR RULES WOULD OTHERWISE ALLOW ONE. THE REFEREE CAN ONLY MAKE RELIEF IN THE INDIVIDUAL PART OF SEEKING RELIEF AND ONLY ON THE EXTENT OF THAT PARTY`S INDIVIDUAL CLAIM. It and Valve also agree not to combine an appeal or classification with other arbitration measures or procedures without the agreement of all parties to this Agreement and any other act or arbitration. The AAA will manage the arbitration. It can be done by filing documents, by phone or in person in the county where you live or in another mutually agreed location. Yes, you should be able to play games you have already purchased without accepting new conditions, if you do not accept new terms, you cannot buy new games. If the agreement of this section, without collective action or representation, a general action of private lawyer or a collective arbitration procedure, is to be found to be illegal or unenforceable, you and Valve accept that they cannot be dissociable, that the entire section is unenforceable and that all claims or disputes are settled in court and not by collective arbitration.

@Snipes When did I say I agreed with all this? All I am saying is that it is not about digital distribution itself. If you want to argue about whether it`s good or not, Steam`s agreement has always said that they reserve the right to change the terms at any time. Every time you buy a game, you remember these conditions and you have to accept them. So from day one, you agreed that Valve could change the conditions at any time, and you would agree with that.

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