Jazz Aviation Pilot Collective Agreement

«I sincerely thank the jazz pilots for taking this opportunity for an expanded and mutually beneficial strategic partnership with Air Canada,» said Joe Randell, President and CEO of Chorus. The 2015 collective agreement put pilots on a solid footing to seize opportunities, which is exactly what they did in January 2019, when Jazz Aviation and Air Canada reached an agreement to extend their CPA until 2035. The pilot page of the agreement, called MOS-4, was the only work obligation needed for Air Canada to extend the CPA for the next 17 years. Although the long-term deal was controversial, 72 percent of jazz pilots voted in favor of the deal, and it became the biggest hit of the year for jazz MEC. The Air Lines Pilots Association, International (ALPA) represents Jazz pilots, based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Halifax-based Chorus Aviation made the announcement in January. 31 that the pilots of their subsidiary Jazz Aviation ratified amendments to the collective agreement, which was provisionally agreed on 14 January. As Jazz Aviation continues to hire in record numbers, about half of the current pilot group doesn`t realize the airline`s rich history. Jazz dates back to 1934, making it the oldest airline in Canada. The airline is a collection of more than 25 previous airlines.

And a lot of the jazz pilots that exist today started taking care of the airline with previous companies like Air Alliance, Air BC, Air Ontario, Air Nova and Canadian Regional, to name a few. So it`s no surprise in early 2019 when pilots from Air Georgian, another group of pilots represented by ALPA, which lost its capacity purchase agreement (CPA) to Jazz Aviation, entered jazz`s ranks. «We are very pleased to have reached an amended collective agreement with our pilots,» said Colin Copp, President of Jazz Aviation. «This long-term agreement will take us until December. 31, 2035, and demonstrates our ability to work together for a common goal of continued success for jazz. I sincerely thank all parties concerned for their efforts to implement this amended agreement. TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This afternoon, Jazz Aviation pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int`l (ALPA), ratified an unprecedented 10-year extension of their current collective agreement with management, which contains significant improvements such as job security provisions, career enhancements and accelerated rates of pay for pilots. The agreement also includes amendments to a capacity purchase agreement (CPA) with Chorus Aviation Inc., the parent company of Jazz Aviation LP, and Air Canada until 2035. Of the 92% of pilots with the right to vote who voted today, 72% voted in favour of the provisional agreement. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Chorus was founded on September 27, 2010. Chorus` vision is to launch regional aviation around the world. Chorus has been leasing its own regional aircraft in Jazz`s Air Canada Express operation since 2011 and created Chorus Aviation Capital to become a leading global provider of regional aircraft lease contracts….

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