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The Metropolitan Museum recently abolished its two-day-a-week entry tax policy. The staff at Campbell Funeral Church, which is in the neighbourhood, are delighted. Many of them liked to eat at the museum`s lunch, but refused to enter a restaurant. Once before the entrance was gone, the Campbells sent the director of The Metropolis a word with a simple suggestion: if they could be admitted for free to the restaurant on the days when entry was requested, they would all promise that they would not watch any of the exhibitions. The museum did nothing to remedy it, not because of its distrust of Campbell, but because it was overflowing with discrimination. Lee, the perfect gentleman of the south, accountant, short-fish and aristocratic. And Grant, who, like many Northerners, was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but worked up, often considered a failure, but who returned, who was resolutely democratic in his camp, in his clothes. He embodied democracy in the North. I think there are great similarities between statesmen soldiers Grant and Eisenhower. Both were generals who led a decisive war and two terms of presidents who presided over a decisive peace. «Affect» vs. «Effect»: Use the right word each time What part of the surrender, the «gentlemen`s agreement,» as it was called, depended on the personalities of Lee and Grant? Patt Morrison is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, columnist and podcaster for the Los Angeles Times. Your broadcast team has won six Emmys and 12 Golden Mike Awards.

Both books were bestsellers: «Rio LA,» their book on the Los Angeles River, and «Don`t Stop the Presses! Truth, justice and the American paper. She was the first woman in nearly 25 years to receive the Lifetime Work Award at the L.A. Press Club. Pink`s, the legendary Hollywood hot dog stand, gave its name to its veggie dog. Lee`s birthday is still a holiday in some southern countries, but Grant is almost forgotten, except for the jokes» «Who is buried in Grant`s grave.» What happened? Grant`s time at West Point knew almost every most important officer in the war, north and south. He had lived across the Kentucky River; his wife came from a family of slaves. He knew the spirit and heart of the South. He understood the enormous cost of the war for both sides – for the South, much of his country destroyed; How many men have died — how difficult reconstruction could be. This capitulation was of such magnitude – the effective close to a war that cost up to 750,000 lives in a nation of just over 30 million people.

How did we miss it? Do you describe 2020 in one word? We asked, you answered. They knew each other during the Mexican War, although Lee was much higher than Grant. The chilling part was Small Talk, which remembered the Mexican war, and then Lee Grant briefly got to work to surrender. Joan Waugh will give a free public lecture on appomattox at UCLA Law School on April 9. «Stuffing» vs. «Dressing»: Do you know the difference? «Epidemic» vs. «Pandemic» vs. «Finmic»: What do these terms mean? There was an appreciation for Grant`s gesture that he didn`t make it a big deal, he had never had a victory dance, he refused to go to [the Confederate capital of] Richmond.

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