Twilio Agreement

11.1 Security measures. Twilio has implemented and maintains the technical and organizational measures provided for in security checks to protect personal data from a security incident. For more information on technical and organizational security measures for Twilio services, please visit and (b) SendGrid services at 7.3 Current subprocessors and notification of new subprocessors. If Twilio Ireland Limited or Twilio Japan G.K. are the Twilio part of the agreement, the customer agrees that Twilio will hire Twilio Inc. as a subprocessor with its primary processing facilities in the United States of America. The client agrees that Twilio will entrust additional third-party subprocessing for the processing of customer content within The Services for authorized purposes, provided that Twilio has an updated list of its subprocessors in, which includes a mechanism for the customer to subscribe to notifications related to new subprocessors. If the customer subscribes to these notifications, Twilio will provide details of the changes to the subprocessors as soon as possible. With respect to changes to infrastructure providers, Twilio will endeavour to terminate 60 days before any changes, but in all cases it will not disclose any less than thirty (30) days before this change. For the other Twilio subprocessors, Twilio will review thirty (30) days before each change, but will communicate no less than ten (10) days before such a change.

With respect to The Services, you accept that: a) unless the services are made available to your end-users as part of the use of each customer application, as permitted, you do not transfer, resell, rent, rent, conedictor or not provide them to third parties, or you provide them on a stand-alone basis; (b) They will not attempt to use the services to access emergency services or provide them with access to emergency services (e.g., a formal emergency number (e.g. B 911 in North America or 112 in the European Union and other locations around the world), used for the deployment of professional emergency personnel, unless the service is expressly authorized for emergency services and you use these services strictly in accordance with the emergency addendum or consent to such an agreement, as Twilio deems appropriate; and (c) you will ensure that the Services are used in accordance with all applicable third-party laws and rights, as well as these conditions and our amended terms of use from time to time; (d) You will ensure that we have the right to use your customers` data, as required, to provide services; (e) they will not use the services in a manner contrary to existing legislation; (f) they will not use the services to create, train or improve (directly or indirectly) an essentially similar product or service, including other machine translation engines; (g) they will not create multiple customer applications or service accounts to simulate a single customer application or service account, act as a service account (or otherwise) or to avoid fees; (h) To the extent that the law is not authorized, you do not rediscover, decompilate, decompile, disassemble or otherwise create the source code of the software provided in conjunction with the Services, try to create or deduce it or authorize or support someone else.

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