Uts Enterprise Agreement

45.6 The agent does not object to an appropriate offer of redeployment or training and can only be converted to a lower ranking index by appointment. The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. Calculated on the basic salary of the agent (excluding loads) at the time of recruitment 45.13 In addition to the reduction, An officer whose position has been dismissed and who is not voluntarily dismissed in accordance with subseaders 45.15 – 45.17 is also entitled to: 45.4 During the notice period, the university will take all reasonable steps to identify the positions to which the officer may be redistributed, including the priority consideration of the accommodation of staff requesting redeployment. Priority considerations include the right to be interviewed for any position that the officer, in agreement with the university, identifies as a potential redeployment opportunity. Other tasks or demonstrations required when, as part of normal tasks, there is full coordination with needs or if the casual worker has an appropriate doctoral qualification. 45.2 When it has been decided to dismiss a position determined under Term 44, Managing Change in the Workplace, the university will provide the officer with six months for the reduction and the resulting redeployment period (notice period). 45.1 This clause applies only to remaining employees. 45.25 The expert will submit a report on his results to the Director, the Human Resources Department, who forwards the report and documents associated with the appropriate Assistant Vice-Chancellor or equivalent persons for review and decision. A copy of the report is also available to the agent upon request.

(a) a lump sum payment calculated in accordance with the continuous service scale. 45.22 After receiving a request for reconsideration, the Director appoints a redundancy examiner. The expert is appointed from a pool agreed between the Vice-Chancellor and the Presidents of the Union. The auditor is located outside the employee`s faculty/office and may be located outside the university. Paid for labelling, 4.b (PAY MARK STD) (d) a 13-week lump sum payment The proposed agent who is eligible for a reduced notice period (b) the professional transition assistance up to USD 2500 (including GST) is accepted at reception or receipt. University-approved providers will offer support for the career transition; and 45.19 An officer who has received a voluntary redundancy allowance or a reduction is reinstated by the university within a year of the officer`s last day of service or a shorter period of time with the consent of the director, the staff department (or the director, personnel relations).

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