Xero User Agreement

You can see that the ToU limits the use of the access service via the website and does not allow the user to make copies or download the software in any way. You agree to exempt Xero from any claim, cost, damage and/or loss resulting from third-party claims, including your customers and Xero users, resulting from: a) of your actions or omissions, including, but not limited, to your provision of professional services, implementation support or other products or services, b) your violation of this partnership agreement. On the other hand, the terms of use may cover ip at a higher level and may only have to deal with aspects of the product accessible by the customer as part of the service. B – for example, using the software instead of modifying or copying it. 59. Blocking your access, suspending your subscription or refusing payment: our websites are global, and different laws may apply in different countries that limit our relationship with you. We may block your access, cancel your subscription or refuse payment if we reasonably believe there is a risk related to you, your business, your subscription or payment, such as a possible violation of a law or regulation. Transactions in which the payment comes from a sanctioned person or a sanctioned country are examples where we could do so; or if we reasonably believe that there is a legal or regulatory risk or risk of loss to our clients or partners. You promise that you are not in a sanctioned country and that you are not on a list of sanctioned persons. We can also block users in a country if we cannot receive payments from that country.

You should check the payment methods available in your country for payments. We can take all of these steps without notice. 60. The relationship between the parties; Assignment: Nothing in these terms should be construed as a partnership, joint venture, job or agency relationship between you and us or between you and another guest subscriber or user.

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