Aspca Pet Protection Agreement

More than 500,000 pets that have been loved and cared for are euthanized each year in U.S. shelters because their caregivers have become infit or died and have not taken prior precautions to care for their pet. It`s tragic, but it doesn`t have to happen. Protect your pet with a trust, will and pet protection agreement. If you`re worried about whether your pets are being taken care of, if you`re dying, or if you`re disabled, you can create either a pet protection agreement or a pet foundation. Each document can protect your beloved pets, but there are a few differences between the two. To choose between the two, you should take stock of your needs. To choose between a pet protection agreement and a pet trust, choose a pet protection agreement if you can`t afford a lawyer, as you need a lawyer to design a pet trust. However, if you can afford to get a lawyer, you may want to go with a pet trust, as it offers more protection for your pet. For example, with a pet trust, you can probably bring your pet if you land in a long-term care home.

If your heirs try to challenge your decision, you have more protection with a pet trust than with a pet protection agreement. Don`t worry if you can`t afford a lawyer. A pet protection agreement will still ensure the maintenance of your pet, but it may not be as powerful as a pet trust. For more tips from our legal co-author on how to choose a guardian or reference person for your pet, check out the following. The Pet Protection Agreement® launched by animal rights lawyer Rachel Hirschfeld, is an agreement that allows pet owners to set up ongoing care for all their pets if they are unable to care for them. It is important to have a plan for death. Your plan should contain two elements: an emergency plan that will go into effect to provide immediate care for your pet and a long-term plan through a trust or pet agreement, shared with a good friend, relative and neighbor. This ensures that your pet receives immediate care and immediately passes into the right hands who know your plan. Write an agreement. If you do not wish to create a pet trust, identify one or more caregivers and write an agreement stating that after your death or inability to care for your pet, that person will take care of your pet. The biggest advantage over a pet trust is its relative affordability (you don`t have to pay a lawyer). Be sure to discuss this with the designated person first.

You can use a standard form for the Pet Protection Agreement to It costs between $39 and $79 – or you can write the letter yourself, have it signed by you and the caregiver, and have it certified notarized. Make sure your veterinarian, reference person, and close family members have a copy of this agreement so they know who to give your dog to if something happens to you. . . .

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