Azure Provide A Service Level Agreement (Sla) Of 99.95 Percent Availability

No SLAs are available for azure Active Directory free pricing. As you can see, adding an extra 0.9 or 0.5 percent to uptime makes a big difference compared to total downtime. If you host business-critical applications in Azure, it can also make a big difference to your company`s revenue and productivity. Even in PaaS, it is therefore essential to understand how to optimize not only your HA [high availability], but also the DR [Disaster Recovery] functions when talking about business-critical workload applications. No SLAs are available for functional applications running under consumption plans. Organizations can use Azure Availability Zones for two fundamental reasons. You can use it to ensure high availability by replicating applications or data synchronously. You can also use Azure Availability Zones for disaster recovery by replicating asynchronous applications or data. Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft`s global database service with multiple models. It offers turnkey global distribution across any number of Azure regions, transparently skalizing and replicating your data, no matter where your users are.

The service offers 99.99% full SLAs, which cover throughput, consistency, availability, and latency guarantees for Cosmos DB db accounts configured on a single Azure region with one of five consistency tiers or database account for multiple Azure regions and configured with one of four relaxed consistency tiers. The availability of agent nodes in your cluster is covered by the SLA for virtual machines. For more information, see the SLA for Virtual Machines. Release Notes: Improved SLA by adding a 100% service credit guarantee when uptime falls below 95% and excluding temporary media from the requirement to have premium memory on the single instance SLA…

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