Configure `license Accept End User Agreement` And Accept Eula

To activate an evaluation license, you must accept the Global End User License Agreement (EULA). If I try to accept the license agreement to activate the CME license on the router, the agreement will not be displayed and I will not be prompted to accept it. How do I run the tf eula to accept the end user license agreement? A user ID and password are required to access most of the tools on the Cisco support site. But the license changes from EVAL to right to the user After the expiration of the Eval period*: In your case, you need a securityk9 license navigation level After adding the boot level and reloading, you should be able to accept the EULA and access the ISAKMP/IKE commands. In a switch stack, you can use switches that have both licensing models. For example, you can configure a switch stack to use the locked IP service license for some switches and the RTU IP Services license for other switches. The following example shows the adoption of an ITA for the software redundancy function: Accept the EULA to enable the corresponding function. Migrating a perpetual license from previous versions of the software images is seamless. You will find information on the acceptance of the EULA for example: Accepting the Global EULA, page 10-6. Принимам лицензиное соглашенние с конечным полььзовотелем – End User License Agreement (EULA). Это лицензионное соглашение распространяется на все виды лицензий, обратите на это внимание. Для принятия лицензионого соглашения с кончным пользовател пишем команду license accept end user agreement и отвечаем yes: (optional) Activates the switch and automatically accepts the End User License Agreement (EULA). Dies kann in Szenarien nützlich sein, in denen die Bereitstellung mithilfe von Installationsskripts automatisiert wird.

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