Sample Lease Agreement Allowing Pets

2. You have signed a rental agreement that does not contain anything about pets or does not allow them. Your tenant has expressed interest in a pet, so add a pet supplement to cover this allowance if necessary. Finally, add all the pet-specific rules that apply to your property. We`ve added a few sample rules in our PDF above, but there are a number of rules you can include in your document to make sure your property stays in good condition. Since the owner of the rented place is the owner, the owner has the final say if it comes to allowing the tenant to have a pet. Step 2 – Enter the date of the Pet Addendum contract, followed by the date of the lease, the name of the tenant and the owner. Pet Rental Fee: A rent supplement paid regularly to have a pet due to an increase in wear and tear. This can be added to the normal rent paid by a tenant.

This discretionary tax is not regulated in most areas and can simply be added to the rental conditions. These fees are usually less than 50 $US. A pet supplement gives the tenant permission to have pets on the rented property. It is necessary that the tenant is responsible for the control of his pets, that they do not disturb the land too much and that the owner of the animal is responsible for the material damage caused by the pets. The lessor can set a tax or deposit that the tenant must pay, either non-refundable (a single tax) or refundable (such as a deposit). In addition, the owner defines the quantity, nature and size of pets that the tenant may have. This document is legally binding and both parties must therefore abide by the terms of this written agreement. This type of endorsement can be used if your original lease is a bit vague when it comes to pets or says no pets are allowed.

There are certain situations where a landlord allows tenant-based pets, for example a tenant who has a service dog and needs the pet to walk around. You can also use the addendum to find out the details about the types of pets allowed, the necessary fees or deposits, and the people responsible for the damage caused by the pet. In cases where an already existing rental agreement is modified or if an already signed lease needs to be modified, the addition of a pet allows you to settle the mandatory rental agreement and add conditions for pets. Often, the original lease or lease did not allow pets or was silent about whether pets were allowed. It`s usually best to decide in advance whether or not you allow tenants to have pets on your property. If you have a pet addendum form in the file, if you ever need it, you will save time, but you should, if necessary, make specific adjustments to the addendum. A pet supplement (or pet contract) to a lease is a legal and binding contract between two parties, an owner and the tenant. This is what a basic pet deal should look like. Of course, it can be confusing to know exactly what you need to include in the addendum and why you should include it. Let`s stop the contribution of pets a little more in order to get as complete an understanding as possible.

A pet supplement is a separate document from the original lease that describes the exceptions and rules for admitting pets on or into the rented property. The agreement is only binding and legal if the landlord and tenant accept the endorsement and sign it. As a pet owner, it is important to have a pet supplement to an existing lease in order to protect them from liability and damage caused by the pet, such as destruction of property or assault of another tenant. If you don`t have one or don`t hold a pet without consent, it can lead to a number of consequences for both the landlord and the tenant: There are a few situations that occur when renting a property in which an addition needs to be added to an original lease. . . .

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