Service Level Agreement Spotify

Contrary to what is stated in this section or expressly agreed in writing between you and Spotify, the agreements constitute all terms agreed between you and Spotify and supersede all prior agreements regarding the subject matter of such agreements, whether in writing or orally. In March 2017, Spotify bought Sonalytic, an audio recognition startup, for an unsused sum of money. Spotify explained that Sonalytic will be used to improve the company`s custom playlists, better compare songs with compositions, and improve the company`s publishing data system. [65] Later in March, Spotify also purchased MightyTV, an app associated with TV streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go, which recommends the content to users. Spotify uses MightyTV primarily to improve its advertising activities in terms of free services. [66] In April, they bought Mediachain, a blockchain startup that had developed a decentralized database system to manage attribution and other metadata for media. [67] [68] In May followed the acquisition of startup Ki Niland, which uses technology to improve personalization and recommendation features for users. [69] [70] In November, Spotify bought Soundtrap, an online music studio startup. [71] [72] In May 2013, Spotify purchased the music discovery app Tunigo. [57] In March 2014, they acquired The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company.

[58] [59] In June 2015, Spotify announced that it had acquired Seed Scientific, a data science consulting and analytics company. . . .

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