Subject-Verb Agreement App

Killer SAT Grammar is a very impressive grammar app. Although it was created for American students who do their SATs, British students will also benefit from the grammar courses of the years of secondary education preceding the GCSE. The app works well as a full-fledged product for the rules of; Modifiers, subject-verb correspondence, direct expressions, economy of expression, comparison conflict, indeterminate pronouns, and association of two sentences with a comma. Here is a list of the best grammar apps for iPhone and Android to protect yourself from spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation errors, and other writing issues. Grammarly is one of the free grammar apps that can help anyone improve your writing quality. Grammarly is an online grammar controller and proofreading tool that can help avoid embarrassing typos and grammar mistakes. It`s also a robust spell checker tool that keeps your handwriting error-free. The app covers different topics such as tense shapes, verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. Ads are not as intrusive as others. Otherwise, the app is completely free. English Grammar Test is one of the most popular grammar apps.

It contains a lot of content, including 1200 total exercises and 20 units of English grammar in each test. The application spans different levels of capabilities, tests, etc. It also tracks your scores and progress. It`s certainly not an app you can probably impose in a day or even a week. Grammaropolis is an in-depth and attractive app for young grammar learners. Grammaropolis simulates a fun city populated by crazy characters who embody each of the eight parts of the language. The application version of Grammaropolis (there is also a web version) contains original songs, videos, books, quiz questions and games based on the eight parts of the language and all of which aim to make grammar fun for children. LearnEnglish Grammar is a free grammar exercise app that has been designed to improve the accuracy of English grammar.

The top-ranked learning app offers 1000 grammar questions to practice and strengthen your English grammar skills. The British Council is one of the best places to master English. Johnny Grammar`s Word Challenge is one of the most popular grammar apps. It`s a timed quiz game where learners run against the clock and have to answer as many grammar, vocabulary and spelling questions as possible in 60 seconds. This exciting timed quiz app, hosted by Quizmaster Johnny Grammar, contains questions for beginners to advanced on a number of topics such as food, restaurants and hobbies. Players can earn badges while progressing through the app and compete against others in a global leaderboard. The app is completely free and very useful for learning the basics of grammar. CorrectEnglisch® checks for spelling mistakes, word replacements, and 63,000 advanced grammar rules wherever you type on your iPhone or iPad. Writing with confidence everywhere Writing is an ability that you will take through school, your career, and many other aspects of life. CorrectEnglish teaches you more than just corrective reading® avoid mistakes in the future. Learn by doing and continually improve your writing. Spelling – You look polite and professional with a letter free of spelling mistakes! Context – Write down exactly what you want to say and communicate clearly.

Object/Verb Agreement – Improve your knowledge of English writing rules. Word Suggestions – Give the added edge to everything you write, from applications to emails….

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