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This Agreement is the written offer of the Sub-Licensor, which contains all the essential conditions of the agreement to conclude an agreement with any person who responds to it, in accordance with Article 437, paragraph 2, of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. 12.3. In the absence of an agreement or in the event of a breach of the provision of clause 12.2 of this Agreement, either party may submit the dispute to the arbitral tribunal of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region (contractual jurisdiction) as defined by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. 1.5. To respond to the public offer of the sub-licensor by accepting it, any legal person represented on the territory of the Russian Federation by its duly authorized representative must place an order on the site providing the name of the software, the duration of the subscription or the prepaid period, its details and contact details, credit card data (bank details) necessary for the collection of a fee, Filled. Check the box next to the words «I have read the sublicense agreement and agree with it» and press a «Place Order» button. End User License Agreement (hereinafter «EULA») means the license agreement that contains the terms of use of the software defined by the copyright owner and the third party rights holders of the software. The EULA is included in the software in electronic format and is accepted at the initial launch of the software; 1.9. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Processor confirms its agreement with the Jetbrains Privacy Policy at and becomes a party to the Jetbrains Account Agreement at .

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