The Terms And Conditions Of A Real Estate Purchase Agreement Must Remain Confidential

Section 16 does not prevent REALTORS ® from contacting another broker`s client to offer another type of real estate services or entering into a contract that has nothing to do with the type of services currently provided (for example. B, real estate management as opposed to brokerage activity) or offer the same type of service to real estate that are not covered by the exclusive contracts of other brokers. However, information received through a multiple listing service or other cooperation offer should not be used for customers of other REALTORS® who may submit such service offers. (Modified 1/04) REALTORS® is not interested in or buying or making offers of itself, a member of their immediate family, their business or a member of the family, or companies in which they have an interest in property, real estate, without making their true position known to the owner or broker or real estate agent. When selling real estate that they own or are interested in, REALTORS® sends its property or interest in writing to the buyer or the buyer`s representative. (Modified 1/00) [Hearing] A real estate purchase agreement is a sales contract designed to document the purchase or sale of real estate (also known as real estate or residential real estate). Unless otherwise agreed, none of this information should be treated confidentially by the buyer or by the buyer`s representative. It may therefore be in the seller`s best interest to ensure that the buyer makes a confidentiality provision to ensure that information about his property is not disclosed or made available to anyone other than the buyer`s representatives and advisors. Similarly, in his letter of intent or directly on a sales contract, a buyer may enter into confidentiality agreements if he wishes that his buying and investment activities with a seller and listing agent are not made public.

[See the first forms for Tuesday 185, 159 and 257] The loyalty obligation is due to the broker`s client and the general obligation that a broker owes to part of a transaction is the product of agency laws that control the behavior of real estate licensees. These obligations are first made public by the use of the legal disclosure form of the Agency Act, which is mandatory for transactions selling one to four residential units.

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