Workday Credit Agreement

Please read carefully the present terms of use of The Workday («Conditions») site as they are a mandatory agreement between you and Workday, Inc. (if you reside in the United States) or Workday Limited (if you reside outside the United States). Workday, Inc. and Workday Limited are both called «Workday» under these conditions. By accessing or using a website or page referring to these conditions («Website»), you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and to comply with applicable laws, including export control laws and regulations. Workday also offers as-a software and other products in accordance with a separate agreement executed manually or digitally. If APIs are not available on the website without a separate licensing agreement, Workday grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-exclusive and non-transferable limited license for use of APIs only for the benefit of Workday customers. You assume full responsibility for using APIs. Workday does not commit to the continued availability of APIs and you have no right to improve the version or any type of support. Workday may, at Workday`s sole discretion, review or suspend APIs at any time without notice. NOT WITH FOREGOING, COPYING OR REPRODUCTION OF APIS FOR FURTHER REDISTRIBUTION IS EXPLICITLY PROHIBITED. 11.1 Full agreement. The agreement represents the entire agreement between the supplier and Workday in relation to products purchased under an order and replaces all prior and simultaneous agreements, agreements and discussions, whether orally or in writing.

any language or provision contained in the parties` electronic or digital communications or on the supplier`s website; Product plans or proposals, order documents, product or other packaging, or in one of the «Shrinkwrap,» «Clickwrap,» «Browsewrap» or supplier reseller agreements, are not effective if that language or provision is inconsistent with the terms of the agreement; (b) extend Workday`s commitments and/or obligations and (c) restrict or otherwise change Workday`s rights. In the event of inconsistency or conflict between the conditions of these conditions and the conditions of an order, the conditions of these conditions apply. 6.1.11 The supplier will comply at any time with Workday`s Suppliers Code, which was found at and inserted under these conditions by reference; and this blog post contains forward-looking statements about Workday that are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions.

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